Highway Department

Point of Contact:

Frank Rogers (Foreman)

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri 7:30 - 3:30

Road Crew Members: Frank Rogers (Foreman), Brad Howe, Allen Wight, and Joe Robinson.

We always appreciate residents’ feedback on road conditions and concerns. Please contact the Town Garage (802-763-7194) and leave a message, and we will return your call. You may also email roadcrew@sharonvt.net. We generally check messages early in the morning and upon return to the garage at the end of the day.

If you need to report an emergency road condition, please call the Town Offices during the day at 802-763-8268 between 7:00AM to 4:30PM Mondays – Thursdays. If the offices are closed, you may report the  emergency to the VT State Police at 234-9933.

The Sharon road crew maintains over 14 miles of Class 2 (paved) and 33 miles of Class 3 (gravel) roads. Additionally, the Town is responsible for maintenance of culverts and bridges on Class 4 (gravel) town highways. The Town reports its town highway mileage to the State of Vermont annually, in order to continue to receive the appropriate state aid to highways. Sharon’s official town highway map is updated by the Agency of Transportation and current versions of the map may also be accessed through their website.

In 2001 the Selectboard adopted the Town of Sharon Highway Policy for maintenance, classification, and construction of town highways. In recent years the resiliency of our local roads and bridges has become a concern. The Town has elected to adhere to the 2019 Town Road and Bridge Standards as set forth by the State of Vermont. Likewise, the Town adheres to new stormwater best management practices along the estimated 31 miles of hydrologically-connected town highways, in conformance with the State of Vermont Municipal Roads General Permit.

Over-Weight Trucks: The Town of Sharon requires a valid over-weight permit for weights in excess of state limits to travel town highways. Please
call the Road Foreman (802-763-7194) or Selectboard Office (802-763-8268 x 4) with questions about overweight trucks on posted roads.

Applications for a Town of Sharon Uniform Municipal Excess Weight Permit should be submitted to the Selectboard Offices by March 31st annually.
The permit application will require the name of your company, a contact person, valid telephone number, and legal address. You will be asked to provide information on the type of vehicle(s) and gross weight(s) along with proof of current insurance coverages. Please submit the application fee with the application ($5 individual vehicle, $10 fleet) to the Sharon Selectboard Office, Town of Sharon, P.O. Box 250, Sharon, VT 05065 or via email to selectboard@sharonvt.net.

Driveway Permit Applications: The Town of Sharon requires a driveway access permit be obtained prior to construction of all new driveways connecting to Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 town highways. There is a $10.00 application fee. The landowner must be applicant or co-applicant. Upon permit approval a “Memorandum of Municipal Action” is filed in the land records. There is a $15.00 recording fee due to the Town Clerk for recordation. The approved copy of the driveway permit is filed in the vault and a copy transmitted to the landowner/applicant.

The Selectboard reviews and approves driveway permit applications. Please submit a complete application and application fee to selectboard@sharonvt.net or mail to:

Selectboard, Town of Sharon,
P.O. Box 250,
Sharon, VT 05065.

The Selectboard Assistant reviews permit applications for completeness, and then refers the application to the Road Foreman who will schedule a site visit.

Of concern during the site visit is driveway alignment, sight distance up and down the road, a level approach, and potential impacts of driveway construction on drainage conditions of the area. The Road Foreman may require a driveway culvert be installed. If the driveway culvert is to be installed within the town’s right-of-way, the landowner will be asked to pay for the culvert and the road crew will install it.

For more information regarding the criteria to be met for highway access permit approval, please consult the Sharon’s Town Highway Policy.

Additional Highway Policies:

Access to Town Sand Pile Policy
Policy Regarding Mail Box Damage

Other Documents